Bus rollover in Skaidi

Country: Norway  •  Report published: April 17, 2015


Mrs. Hanne Rikstad Iversen
Chief physician

Role in incident: HEMS doctor

On November 19th 2011 a buss with twenty three passengers rolled over in Skaidi in the county of Finnmark in Northern Norway. Twenty two persons were transported to either Hammerfest or Tromsø hospital. Finnmark is characteristic for bad weather conditions such as snow shower and reduced visibility. The road traffic is often difficult during winter. This part of Norway is vulnerable concerning resources and long distances. The risk of hypothermia was a challenge. The Emergency coordinating center did not summon their doctor or additional resources which lead to a lack of resources available in the response phase. It was pure luck that the first ambulance on-site used the same triage system as the first air ambulance to arrive on-site.

There were relatively good telecommunications network at the accident site.

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