School shooting in Jokela

Country: Finland  •  Report published: April 17, 2015


Dr. Timo Jama
Medical Director of EMS
Päijät-Häme Social and Health Care Group

Role in incident: Incident Commander (working duty officer/HEMS physician at that time)

Summary: School shooting in Jokela

On November 7th 2007 a student at Jokela high school opened fire on students and employees inside the school building. He also attempted to start a fire, but did not succeed.

Eight people (the principle, school nurse and six young high school students) were killed by a student at the school who opened fire on school premises. The shooter shot himself and died afterwards in hospital.

Challenges were that it took 2 hours to secure the site for Emergency Medical Services to access. TETRA radio was periodically not working.

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