Plane crash exercise Kuusamo *

Country: Finland  •  Report published: December 09, 2016


Dr. Lasse Raatiniemi

Role in incident: Treatment officer


Tommi pekanoja
Role in incident: Observer, Field supervisor

Pasi Lehto
Role in incident: Observer, pre-hospital anaesthesiologist

Summary: Plane crash exercise Kuusamo

The incident took place in Finland at Kuusamo Airport. A passenger aircraft with 20 passangers and four crew members had a tough landing after light contact with another aircraft in the air. In the secondary triage: three red, seven yellow, 12 green and two black patients.
The success factors in this major incident excercise were very fast initiation of major incident protocol, the use of local emergency medical response team and good communication. Another success factor was that EMS units also from other hospital districts were dispatched and they communicated and worked effectively during the exercise. In a very rural area, with limited number of EMS units, co-operation with other hospital districts is of great importance. The mandatory major incident communication simulation trainings have probably improved the communication during full scale excercies. The EMS communication plan is similar in all hospital districts in Northern Finland.
HEMS unit was not able to fly to the scene due to weather restrictions. However, HEMS doctor (DOC) and HEMS crew member (HCM) responded using a rapid response unit.

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