Train collision

Country: Norway  •  Report published: February 1, 2016


Dr. Marius Rehn
HEMS SpR, Assoc Professor
Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation

Role in incident
Participated in immediate rescue operations as winchman on Sea King 330 Sqn, Rygge, RNoAF
The content of this report is based on the report: Åstaulykken. Norges Offentlige Utredninger 2000: 30. and the personal accounts of the reporter (MR)

Summary: Train collision

On January 4th, 2000, two trains collided at Åsta station between Rudstad and Rena.
The locomotive of the southbound train was severely crushed and tilted to its side. The engine car of the northbound train was completely destroyed, the two front carriages derailed, while the remaining cars received minor damage and stayed on the tracks. The crash resulted in an immediate major fire burning the locomotive and spreading through the trains. The collision and the subsequent fire resulted in 19 fatalities, whereas 67 passengers survived the accident with only minor injuries.

Population density, terrain: The area is a rural, farmland region with combined forest and cultivated grounds. The scene was situated close to a main road (State Highway 3) and was directly accessible from the road. Distance from scene using roads are: 7,9 km to Rena and 25,5 km to Elverum

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